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.Sunday, July 26, 2009 ' 11:23 AM Y
Life experience

Love Start from something small

I love pet especially hamster. I own two cute and intelligence, one of them name Pi Pi and then other name Chu Chu. During Chinese New Year, they woke up early morning and start making noise in the fish tank. Soon or later I woke up by the noise that they make. They were standing near the food tray, reaching out for me with small hand cling together. It looks cute and funny like greeting us Chinese New Year and begging for early breakfast. After feeding them, they start running around inside the tank and wait for us to carry them out to play. After playing with them, they got tire and return them in the tank to rest. Giving them some fruit as snack, they standing up again to greet us with thank.

Every time before leaving my house, I will feed them and check on them if they finish up the food then I will go to school or work. I enjoy coming home, when see them running around inside the tank, await us to carry them. Sometime even hugging them in bed to sleep, they will wake me up for a snack by licking my elbow.

Too bad, one of them just pass away of old age on 21/7/09. I found out about it, is when I was feeding them. Chu Chu was found lie near the food tray and stay still, I try to wake chu chu up, but it stay still. My tears start to roll down from my eye. I told my mother about it straight away. She scold me why I cry for Chu Chu, but I hold my tears and start pack Chu Chu find a resting place for it. I was so emo on my way to school. Clear up my tear on my face before enter school gate and wearing cheerful face to class for whole day in school. I treat my pet as my family member, even my friend family as someone close to me.

My other Hamster pass away of old age on 5/4/10. i found him lay near the drinking area. This time i never cry, but emo for few days.

If someone pass away that I know, I will cry also. Because lost the love that they gave to us. A simple I love u mean a lot to me, treat people I know as my family member or someone close to me.

Dream that never come true

.Saturday, May 30, 2009 ' 1:04 AM Y
Life experience

Make Up Excuses (Book Title: A Slice of Life)

I asked a friend of mine recently why he seems unafraid of failure, and how he rmains upbeat in the face of difficulties. And he shared hi slife philosophy with me - he said that every time he fails, he examines the situation critically, comes up with three reasons why he failed and from there, thinks of three ways he can improve. That way, he's alawys learning and constantly looking froward to a better future.

That made me think about how we all could benefit from that manner of thought. when we fail at something, or sometimes fail to do something, We make up excuses for ourselves - why we can't do something, why something can't be done, why we haven't moved towards our goals and so

Making up excuses takes a lot of energy and time. but it seems to be intrinsic to us, so here's a great way to make your excuses work for you. time you feel like making an excuse, instead of thinking of excuses why yu can't, try making excuses why you can.

Since we all are experts in make up excuses, we won't need much training in this area, just a shift of focus. Instead of focusing on what we can't do, lets focus on what we can do. Instead of coming up with all kinds of excuses why it woon't work, let's focus on why it can work. kind of like how my friend comes up with three ways he can improve the next time . But you don't have to stop at three? Give yourslf no room to make up excuses why you can't.

Instead of focusing energy on excuses that don't serve you in moving forward, make up excuses that inspire and enthuse you to do what you want to do. Excuses like "there is no time like the present", "I am just the person to do the job", "I know all the ways it can work."

Be creative and think of as many as you like.

Dream that never come true

.Saturday, May 9, 2009 ' 3:30 AM Y
Life experience

An Attitude of Gratitude (Special)

Melody Beattie once said " Gratitude turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

An attitude of gratitude is one of the most useful things one can possess. It's an unending resource from which one can draw inspiration and comfort . It's also one of the most precious gifts a parent can give a child.

Have you ever wondered why it is that some children who seem to have it all are pleasant and friendly while others become spoiled? The difference is in the attitude. Some children expect to have certain things, and they soon become spoiled and easily discontented. Other children remain thankful and appreciative.

Think about adults you know that fit these descriptions. Whom do you know has a chip on their shoulder or feels the world owes them something? Whom do you know greets each discovery with appreciation? It is easy to guess who is happier and more fulfilled.

Developing a thankful attitude goes a long way toward developing a more resilient and apprecative self. Here are few ideas for spreading the attitude of gratitude.

Think about the whole process. When you recevie anything, be it a child's drawing or an expensive gift, focus on how much time, effort, and thought went into the gift. Taking the time a realize how much work, caring, and thought a person has give you is a wonderful way to deepen your appreciation of both the giver and the gift.

Realize that each day is a gift. There are so many things that we take for granted. Many times we don't realize how much we actually take for granted until tragedy strickes. Take your loved ones, for example. Do you regular take time to appreciate them? To show them how much you love them? Remember, they won't be around forever.

And lower your expectations. If you keep expecting things to be in your favour, you'll be thwarted by the many that will be unfavourable. You'll focus on the world on the negative until you become an irritable, unpleasant grouch. But whe w e quit expecting the word or people to give us things, we can become more focused on enjoying the gifts that do come our way. A good way to cultivate gratitude is to keep a Gratitude Journal. In it, record five at least five things you can be thankful for each day. Even on seemingly lousy days, you should be able to list at least five. Look beyond the obovious. You'll soon notice how this deepens your appreciation for life and helps to maintain a positive outlook.

Dream that never come true

.Thursday, April 23, 2009 ' 6:56 PM Y
Life experience

My Bad Day
It was a emo morning for me to go sch, i woke up with a bad flu and worst headach. So i took some medication and rest for a well. Something is hard for me to take mc, i have to go sch for sch event. So i went sch late to set up something for my sch sale event. When i reach sch, problem start to craw out. My friend infrom me that i student is looking for me regreting about the pant payment slip. So i ask my friend to call the student and check the item in payment slip. After that i ask teach give the supplier a call to take order.

After that i went to set up table for the sale and help out in the sale of of safetyshoe / goggle /dustcoat for new april intake student. So my friend and me went to set up six table for the sale at the canteen. We still past some note to inform student that there be sale at this area and not to use the table. But at the end, student dnt even care what is worte on the piece of note. Omg one of the supplier came and took a look at table of student. We wait for the table to clear up their lunch and set up for the sale.after awhile other supplier came to set up for the sale.

We wait and wait, but a hand full of student came. Omg the teacher have them one week before hand. So we wait undue 1230, but no student came. So we decide to end the sale and have our lunch.

So i went to have malay rice and cup of ice lemo tea from the vending machine. I start drinking the tea, but it taste abit funny so continue my drink undue the end of it. i took a look at base of the paper cup. Wow what that, i took a close look at it. Omg a thick layer of syup at the base of the papaer cup. After that i throw away in the bin.

After it, i went to rearrange the table back in order. Ask my friend to setted some supplier paperwork. Thought of having a gd day ahead at work,so faster rush to my workplace. Omg going too be late for work. Omg i rush to office late, i saw the new manager standing at the counter with a black face like night sky with her eye stare at me. move as fast as i can to changing room and quicken i change my shirt.after that i went to counter, omg she start to nag and nag and ask me to do her thing.

The worst came at the end, we go into some problem. After that i went home more emo. The next day early morning, i rush down to setted the problem. What a waste of time,she have setted the problem but nv even take responsibly to inform or msg me. I was so angry after that. So i call my friend,let go shopping at tampiness one.

Dream that never come true

.Tuesday, April 7, 2009 ' 7:25 AM Y
Life experience

Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviour OCD

- Recurrent and persistent ideas, thoughts, impulses that are experienced, at least as intrusive and Senseless.
- The persons attempts to ignore or suppress such thoughts or impulses or to neutralize them with some other thought or action.
- The person recognises that the obsessions are the product of his or her mind,not imposed form outside.
- Repetitive, purposeful, and intentional behaviours that are performed in response to an obsession, or according to certain rules or in a stereotyped fashion.
- THe behaviour is designed to neutralize or prevent discomfort or some dreaded event or situation.
- The persons recongises his/her Behaviour is excessive or unreasonable.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is Characterised:
- By the presence of recurrent obsession and compulsions.
- Causes marked distress, are time consuming.
- Intereres with the person's normal routine, Occupational functioning, social activities or relationship with others.

Common Ritualistic Presentations:
- Cleaning
- Touching
- Checking
- Orderliness
All the above act is to temporary relieves the anxiety of 0bsessions.

Possibe Causes:
- Psychoanalytic theory e.g. Freud's theory of anxiety, OCD could be due underlying unconscious conflitcts experience during childhood.
- Learning theory e.g. Anxiety related to a system of reinforcement that leads to maladaptive behaviour.
- Biological theory e.g. The awareness of autonomic functon dry mouth, breathlessness increase anxiety level o alleviate the symptoms.

Personality Traits:
- Low tolerance for anxiety and depression.
- Rigid in thinking and behaviour.
- Poor self-esteem.
- Lacks Independence.
- Poor social and interpersonal relationship.

- Family history.
- Any other associated psychiatric disorders.
- ADL (Activity of Daily Living)function.
- PMP history.
- Mode of OCD presentations.
- Personality traits.

- Drugs e.g, Diazepam
- Behaviour Therapy
- Relaxation Therapy
- Psychotherapy

- Develop a trusting relationship.
- Acceptance and consistent in interaction.
- Assist in ADL where necessary.
- Maintain adequate nutrition and rest.
- Do not attempt to prevent compulsive act.
- Set limits to compulsive act with patient's participation.
- Provide purposeful activity to divert obsessional thoughts.
- Encourage verbalisation about life stressors, fears, anxieties.
- Increase self-esteem.
- Close Observation for self-destructive act.
- Indentify alternatives approaches for dealing with anxiety.
- Educate caregivers to provide support to behaviour modification.
- Ecourage socialisation.
- Teach effective coping skills.

Dream that never come true

.Monday, March 9, 2009 ' 9:22 PM Y
Life experience

Hi Everyone Big Thank to you for spenting ur time reading my blog.
My stories Start when i was young:

I was very naughty and a lot of trick in mind, but bully by my class girl, because I was smallest in class. Even kick out of class by teacher during lesson.When i was in secondary school, i cool down a bit, but active. Even become teacher Pet. =P

Enjoy life until one day. I saw my father fall down on the floor with diffcult in breathing. I was fruitless at that time. i only know how to call my mother and let her bring my father to hospital. I was baby site at my aunt place, but heart was so worry about my father at that time.=(

My aunt receive a call from my mother said that my father is ok and soon reach home after payment. The chuck of rock in my heart slowly Disappers. i went to aunt's guest room for a nap. But few minute later, my aunt receive a call from my mother calls that my father passes out again. Now doctor is trying rescuing him. Soon or later my mother calls again, now my father have passed away. my tear start roll down from my eye. Next day i accompany my mother to bring back my father's body to funeral. I saw my father's body push into the van. My tear Start roll down until I am dry out of tear drop.X(

During the 3 day funeral my family don't have good sleep. Every night regretting asking myself, why did i never be filial to him. why i never study hard and show him that i am no useless and hopeless.=(

Slowly i fall into a dark pit never move out from the dark. the loneliness for so long and never let anyone pull me out of the dark pit. Everyday go sch wearing mask to coverr up my loneliness. Until the day I enrol into ITE. During ITE coure,i have met my old primary schoolmate and that onward i met my god brother.>(

He only person that open me up and pull me out of my loneliness dark pit that i in for so long. He is a very understanding / cheerful / caring person. he away cheers me up even when he is busy with his study. he is always message me one awhile check on me . But he always hidden his problem and never let me know it because he knows that i will worry about him. We have promise each other that we must go into polyteachnic by study hard and date girl. i always worry about him getting stressful during exam. i will always open my ear for him from that day i met him until forever.

Thing i want to said in my heart to him (you always the best and we will never give up for our goal.You are nt alone, you still got me with you all along). =P

Dream that never come true

.Thursday, January 1, 2009 ' 7:10 AM Y
Life experience

Meaningful Day

Today i have spent a meaningful day with my best friend. it is a great day spent time with my best friend.
i have learn alot of thing in this pass year from my friend / kor and di.
Especially some my friend.One of my friend ask me to join 42km marathon. From there i learn how to Endure / Be Optimism during the hardest and painful time in my life.The other one of my friend show me how to share love / Care / Playful / Happiness / Outgoing to friend around us.
i wish, if have more time. Share my joy with friend will remember the joyful that l have left
Life is so Short, i wish for more time spent with them.I have memorable of joy is a greatness in my life
( I wish my family and friend stay healthy and excel work / study / love in life)

Dream that never come true


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